Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a photo series commercial representing childhood cancer..

So I saw an article just now, along with a photo series titled "Cancer the battle we didn't choose"

Its a great series. I want to do this with Childhood Cancer. Again, seems CNN may have picked up on the story about Becker at the ACS and maybe ran a story on childhood cancer. They didn't. So I will.

I want to put together something very similar. Anyone willing to help with photos and a short story of your child disease and obstacles weather it be funding, you need money and help or chaos with trials?


  1. I know of the family featured in the photo essay on CNN. Perhaps I can try to put you in touch. Coincidentally I was following both of your stories at the same time. I prayed for them both. Heartbreaking.

    1. hi.. It was a beautiful and informing series.

  2. This is a GREAT idea Mike. My parents experience is too old to use, I'm sure. But, I would certainly be willing to edit or write things up if that would help. For this to be viewed on the level you would like, if it is to be picked up and shared by media outlets eventually, there must not be errors. An independent edit can be very helpful, not to make changes to the content but, to catch errors that the writer may be too close to see.

    Let me know,

  3. Great idea! If you need help spreading the word on facebook pages, etc. to get submissions, please let me know. Perhaps a little blurb on what you are tryin to do on a bunch of childhood cancer organizations facebook pages, etc. could help. There's also the list I sent you of contacts that Candace Crawford put together for you. I will resent tonight if you need me to. Perhaps we could get the info about what you are doing and how to submit onto their websites and/or newsletters. Let me know if you need/want help.

  4. Jessica O'HearnJanuary 18, 2012 at 4:12 PM

    Before I knew Saoirse, I knew childhood cancer through these images:

    I am sure you have heard of Max Mikulak, since you have talked with the Lacey's. Max was photographed though his journey. The pictures all speak to me differently, but I wish the whole world could see the ones of his first day of second grade:

    For some reason, they outrage me the most (maybe because Melissa is in second grade?)


    These are really strong images. I cried through it. It shows what really goes on when a kid gets cancer.

    Mr. Becker from ACS should see this, to see how "rare' it is.