Friday, April 18, 2014

Young Mom's cancer returns, she treats it with a homeopathic cancer treatment

Its been a while.

I have been grieving and writing, however not publicly. I decided the other day to start writing again. Not just to write about my continued griving of Saoirse, but to write about Kezia, who's cancer has just returned. I needed another outlet and writing is a great way to release.

First of all, I will be trying to post every other day. My focus is to release my feelings and thoughts about several things.. my wife's cancer returning, her choice of a homeopathic treatment course, an infant to care for, making sure we all eat healthy, grieving our daughters death ... just to mention the most. I am aiming to photo journalize not only Kezia's journey through relapse, but our families journey through her relapse and her course of treatment.

Here is the link to the latest CNN Health story on Kezia