Thursday, January 19, 2012

Headaches and stress

My stress has been insane lately and my blood pressure was up yesterday. So today will be a day of relaxation. At least I will try. I thought I got the bug Kezia had, but i didn't . I had a horrible headache yesterday and took a pain med with out any food. Bad Idea. I forgot the crackers i wanted to eat. Vomiting with dry heaves is horrible. And made my headache worse. I thought of Saoirse a lot during that. She through up a lot. She was so strong and brave. She was awesome.

anyway. I am glad that some media has picked up the story about the bald barbie. To bad they are not really highlighting the fact that the ACS is not really doing much for childhood cancer.

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  1. Hope you are following through on resting today. :)