Friday, January 20, 2012


Just in case you want to see the letter I sent to the media..

We the Childhood Cancer Community have aligned together as a result of the ACS blog by Andrew Becker. These are our points...

1. Andrew Becker should be reprimand & send him back for a refresher course in PR and make him spend some time in children's hospitals for his blog post. I really do hate to see anyone lose their job, and this seems to have been the first time he's done something like this, that I am aware of.
2. They need to open a discussion with the Childhood Cancer Community about increasing funding for Childhood Cancers.
3. They not only open a discussion, they should build and execute a plan to increase funding for pediatric cancer. We just want equality. 
4. Ads for fundraising should reflect the way they allocate funds. If 5% funding is for pediatrics, then only 5% of ads should reflect children. To do anything else is offensive and using childhood cancer victims photos and stories deceptively to get funding. There are laws about deceptive advertising, maybe they should apply to non-profits as well.
5. They need to start a program to educate family and pediatric doctors on the signs and systems of childhood cancers. So many of our kids wait for a dx because our doctors are not properly educated.

I am willing to discuss this on national TV. I do not want to bash Andrew Becker. This needs to be made into a positive situation for everyone. It can be. Please help. While I am no longer calling for his resignation, I do think he needs to do some non media volunteer work at Sloan or another pediatric cancer ward. 

Michael. Father of Saoirse Fitzgerald.. passed away of Neuroblastoma on December 13th 2011. Partner of cancer survivor Kezia Fitzgerald, in remission for 5 months from Hodgkins lymphoma.


  1. Mike,
    Accidentally posted this under the next blog. I'll put it in the right place now....:)

    Mike, excellent letter. I hope some media outlets are intrigued enough to want to pick the story up. It is great that you are getting yourself to a place where you can channel all that the ACS blog made you feel into a good purpose. I said before that I thought that what Becker did would be the best thing for childhood cancer awareness and funding. You, hopefully, can make that a reality by being rational and allowing the media to see a story with more depth than just a stupid comment (Becker's, not yours!). Strength to you in that.

    And, can't wait to hear more about your business and the foundation. Here to help in any way I can. Thinking of you both every day as always,

  2. Mike great letter! The childhood cancer community is such an inspiration!