Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I really let this get to me. I realized overnight that I allowed it to take me away from my grieving process and will just focus on that.


  1. Based on your research can you tell me best way to give money for pediatric cancer research? So, far as I was donating to Children's Hospital Boston ever since I found about your daughter. I will appreciate the information.

  2. I agree. St. Jude is the one of them. Children's Hospital Boston is one of them hence to the site below.


    There are few ones and those near to where you live. Try to call and find out who you are going to donate money to and what will it be used on for?

    I also google online and here is the site, http://health.usnews.com/best-hospitals/pediatric-rankings/cancer

    And, we also need to be cautious when donating to anyone because of scam, or they are not what they are aiming to for, etc. It is important to know who we are donating to and what will we be helping out with.

  3. There are a lot of research trials out there and over the next few weeks we will be starting a fund and have a list we will raise money for. Since our daughter had neuroblastoma we will support those funds

    1. Looking forward to it Mike. People like Becker, they are their own worst enemy. I think he had other interests; that the ACS had other interests at play there and it backfired on them. Hopefully the ACS will feel the effects of this and change how they operate. Money is a motivator for them, and that may come in play as a result of Mr. Beckers post, which I understand the ACS approved. At any rate, really looking forward to seeing info on your new fund when you get there.

      Take care and keep standing up for what your strong sweet girl had to endure in her lifetime, so that no other has to one day.

  4. I am personnaly making a trip to AI DuPont Children's Hospital in Wilmington, DE to donate for their pediatric cancer programs. I also plan on visiting CHOP in Philadelphia to donate to their pediatric cancer programs. These are two trips I am making this weekend. I have a little money and a bunch of toys!! Im hoping, even though it isnt much that I am donating, that it will bring a smile to some children!

    I avoid big companies like ACS...I just don't trust what they do with the money. I feel a little more comfortable donating to an actual Children's Hospital, because then I know they will use it for the children.

    Mike, I pray for you and your wife everyday! You two plus Saiorse are my motivation and inspiration for donating!!