Thursday, January 5, 2012

Missing her

I have felt incredibly sad today. I really miss Saoirse. I feel like there has been a large chunk of my life ripped out of me. On an up note, we did manage to get some small projects and errands done today. That felt good. We made some good contacts in the field of providing a lower toxicity treatment to kids with neuroblastoma. More to come in the morning.


  1. Glad you were able to get some good contacts related to neuroblastoma treatment and get other things done. It's OK to be sad, too.

    Love today and every day to you and Kezia. And always remembering Saoirse.
    Courtney Rasey

  2. I'm really glad for you that you made the contacts and am interested to see where you're going to go with things. I'm also glad that accomplishing some things makes you feel a little better sometimes, breaking up all that you are Kezia are now living with every day.

    My daughter's 10th birthday was yesterday and she got an ipod dock--she saved her money for a LONG time to buy the ipod herself and was really proud. Anyway, she put it in the dock and played 'Never Say Never' by the Fray. She started crying. She said she was crying for Saoirse. We hugged on the couch for a long time. And cried. She touched so many lives Mike, your baby girl. Know that all three of you are truly loved and held in the hearts of so many.

    In my heart, as always.

  3. mike your family has touched my heart i am only 20 i read your blogs every day i am on the computer. i am a young mom and i cant even imagine the pain you are going through. i prayed for Saoirse all the time. and i felt almost a love for your family. a friend of mine lost her daughter at 10 months and shes younger than i and to watch her suffer and cope in different ways has been extremly hard for me sometimes she dsnt cope so well. i tell myself to do little projects when i feel upset cause you are right the small sense of completing them really helps when you feel your life is at a stand still. you are a true inspiration to me as a parent. i know i am a young mom but i think when it comes to it all parents can relate to eachother cuz only we can truly know the unconditional love to your baby. <3 rest in angels arms lil saoirse