Wednesday, January 4, 2012

letter to my daughter

Wednesday Jan. 4 2011

Hi beautiful. I want you to know how much I love you and how much i miss you. I constantly feel you hugging me. I wish there was more i could have done to save you. 



  1. as time goes by...the frustration and need to of hoped you would of done better to save her will calm...i recently experience my 3 year old nephes (like my son) emotions came and went, i kept busy, i still do...February is coming up again...and i can't say it's easier, the what if always stays in my mind...but one thing i've accepted is that i enjoyed him and loved him and he knows that...i know your daughter did not blame your self what you didn't do...accept that she knows how much you did do for her...she knew and knows how much you love her and she knows it i know she are a great father and so is your wife...i admire you two for your strength and unconditional love...have rest in knowing she knows how much she meant to the both of you SHE KNOWS! :) God Bless

  2. I agree with the poster above, it is not your and Kezia's fault for what had happened to her. You two had done everything to make her feel better. She might is too young to know what is going on while she is alive, but she does know you two love her so much and care about her. Love is an emotion that also doesn't need any word or voice. Sending you all healing thoughts/prayers.

  3. Beautiful Letter!!!!! I am pretty sure she knows that you did everything that a daddy could do to help his little girl in the situation that you guys were in.