Saturday, December 31, 2011

split second moments

I got a lot done yesterday. I feel good about that. I have my garage back and now i can do the service to the snow blower :) No snow yet but need to be prepared. next project is the wood stove in the garage. not sure when though. i felt saoirses presence a lot yesterday. I have also been a bit worried about Fallon. When we started packing bins she started getting a bit nervous. extra play time today for her. I think she is sad a bit.

this morning i had that split second moment again. this time it was noise. i thought i made to much noise shutting the door to my bedroom.

deep breath.

we still have the bedroom to pack up as well as the toy corner in the living room. i am just not ready to fully do this yet. everything i touched of saoirse's for the past couple of days took my breath away a lot. i do not like that sensation. i need a break from organizing. today will be good. a family lunch at kezia's parents house which will be fun. emotional but fun and good to see bob and joan. and then keaia and i are having dinner with friends at Max Brenner's in Boston. Looking forward to the day and evening.

I will write more later.


  1. Sounds like you guys will have a nice day. Try at least.

  2. I read the other blogs before this too. Yes, take it easy step by step. Her spirit is around you all, that is why the presence of her surrounds. Fallon knows she is gone, but doesn't know when she is coming back. She may sense something is wrong, but could not figure it out. There are tons of stories about dogs who grieve because their owners are gone and walk toward to their gravestones and sit/laying there for days/years. You have her urn in the house, she'd probably know she is in there.

    It is ok and good to go somewhere for while to spend with family and friends to take something out of the mind.

  3. I am awed by your strength. I don't believe I would be able to pack up her room--I would want to keep it to have somewhere to go to 'be with her'. And cry.

    I hope you enjoy the break from 'organizing' today. She would want to see you smile.