Friday, December 2, 2011

Rollover & 3's along with a little salt

For as long as I can recall, I have heard "bad things come in 3's". I have my moments of superstition but now I have to hope I become part of that superstition. I was involved in a rollover accident last Monday evening after christmas shopping for Kezia and seemed to have totaled our 4 Runner. I was alone.  It was the most violent rattle I have ever felt. There was no blood other than from a scuff on my forehead from hitting the side window. I walked out of it and was taken to hospital to get scanned and x-rayed. All checked out fine and I was released with a couple of prescriptions for pain. I thought about Kezia and Saoirse the entire time i sat sidewise while waiting for firefighters to break out my windshield. I was worried about calling Kezia and telling her. I waited until I was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. I was just so worried she would be stressed and freak out and she had to drive to Beverly from Danvers. I consistently assured her I was ok and that going to the hospital was precautionary. I felt horrible because she had to go to another hospital and deal with another medical issue. I know it was an accident but it still had an emotional impact on our family. We will move on and be thankful I am ok.

Saoirse was admitted back into Children Hospital Boston yesterday because her sodium level was critically low. We had to give her sodium hydration. She is balanced back out to normal so she is doing well on that end. The more concerning issue right now is how bloated & gassy she is. She is so uncomfortable and miserable. She had an X-ray of her belly last night and it showed a lot of bass and poop. She is pooping and passing gas on a pretty regular basis, but not enough and it keeps building until night. When she sleeps she is more relaxed and poops and passes gas. But not enough.

This morning saoirse was feeling better and running around and wanted to walk play, she had a couple of hard large poops and was passing gas all morning. Then she took a nap after she was given myralax and things went down hill from there. I am not sure if it was the myralax, but something is making her create a lot of gas, indigestion and bloating and its not letting her body catch up. She just finished double full skull radiation.. 14 fractions. She received it 2x a day which meant she was npo for the entire day, with only clear liquids for a couple of hours in between. So when she got home she ate a lot of food and drank a lot of milk. She had a few days where she was not npo like thanksgiving and that weekend and she drank about double her regular milk intake and she ate all day long, including a lot of cheese.. a lot. I think her system is just in shock and is fixing itself. On top of that she still has cancer that is invading her body. We just want to help her.

I will write more tomorrow... I am exhausted and I am very very sore. Sleeping on that hospital chair last night seemed to have set back my muscle healing in my neck and upper back. I will be better in the morning. I will say now that we are stressed and terrified.

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  1. I've been following your family's story and just noticed you have a blog as well. So glad you're okay following the accident. Related to your current post, just in case it is helpful, there are some simple yoga poses that help with gas and constipation. Google "yoga positions for gas" (or constipaton). Think of you all daily and send well wishes.