Thursday, December 22, 2011

Not coming back

She is not coming back.


  1. I'm sorry Mike. I know all the 'she will live on's, her spirit is with you's, and she is not in pain and is happy now's' don't make a darn bit of difference when she is simply not running across your kitchen or there wanting to show you something. And when you feel, so deep inside, the crushing reality that she is not coming back. I don't know what the answers are for that or how to fix it, but so many feel for you. Hearts break for what you and Kezia now have to face all day every day. We are thinking of you....

  2. I think she's still here, but she's whole now and she's not in any pain, and she's with you. I believe that about the ones I've lost, and I believe this about your daughter.

    I don't think it makes the pain go away, but I hope it will bring you comfort a little further down the road.

  3. But you WILL see her again.. healthy and vibrant and as beautiful as ever.