Sunday, February 26, 2012

Refreshing to be outside.. Saoirse's Joy

She loved playing outside. She always became excited when she heard we were going outside to play. When she started walking, if Kezia or I asked her if she wanted to go outside to play, she would shake her head yes, then proceed to find her shoes. She was so funny. I remember one day we were outside and after she was finished swinging (she had to swing first. She would rarely play with anything else until she had fun swinging), she wanted to climb her slide house. She walked right over to it and started climbing the stairs all by herself... she truly enjoyed doing things on her own. You could see it in her eyes the amazement, satisfaction, joy and proudness she felt.
We had just returned home a couple of days prior. We felt it was important to get her outside playing and keeping her active during her chemo treatments.  Chemo can really stunt growth functions and puts a tremendous strain on your body.. Particularly a child's body. We wanted to help her stay strong and grow physically because this helps the body heal and assists in keeping the immune system strong as well as boosts self esteem. A positive emotional state is important and we tried hard to keep her growing physically, emotionally and mentally as normal as possible. I am still and always will be amazed at how strong she was during her Neuroblastoma Chemo treatments. Childhood cancer is just not fair. Adult cancers are just not fair. I will still worry for the next 4 years. Kezia won't be considered cured until she is in remission for 5 years.

Now, the video below is shorter and I am trying to find more video of her playing on her climbing toys.. After I stopped videoing this scene, she played on this for about an hour. She would climb the ladder and then stand on the top platform for a while. We would play picky boo for a while, then she would turn the wheel attached to it for a while pretending to drive a car. Then she wanted to slide, so she walked over to the slide and I would help her slide down. It was so much fun.. tiring but fun :). She would do this over and over, loving every minute of it.

Deep breath..


  1. it absolutely is so unfair. beautiful, brave and amazing baby girl. thank you for sharing.

  2. precious- great idea showing text at the end

  3. My heart goes out for you. Looking at these videos I feel if I can get just one chance to play with this baby. I can't even imagine what goes through your head and heart.

  4. It is always cherished to watch the videos because they are only you have left of her along with pictures and memories. Glad that she loved playing outside/swinging before she was gone. Thanks for sharing them. Really enjoyed seeing her smiling faces:)

  5. I love these posts, Mike. What a great idea to do this and to do it with the videos with the posts. I hope you're enjoying making the videos and writing these blog posts about her. She's beautiful and I love seeing her and hearing her laugh. My phone isn't letting me view the videos on the blog from my phone so I have to wait all day to get home and be able to watch them. :)

    Lots of love to you and Kezia and love for Saoirse!