Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am getting ready to Dye my hair Purple with Orange tips in to represent Neuroblastoma and Saoirse. Now when people ask why my hair is Purple, or give me weird looks (just wait til I'm in my Utilikilt with colored hair :)) They will have to visit our funds website or Facebook page to find out :) I am going to dye it tonight or tomorrow - actually, the entire team we have set up to have our heads buzzed is dying their hair - Read below 

I have a small request to all who view and follow fitzgeraldcancerfund Facebook page. 

I have a team set up to go shave their heads at Gillette Stadium on June 3rd, 2012 in honor of Saoirse to help raise money for Childhood Cancer at Children's Hospital Boston. As most of you know, Saoirse was treated at Children's Hospital Boston. 

I need all of you to please pass this along --- We need more sponsors for Saoirse's team -- "Team Saoirse". Please tell all of your friends and please share this with everyone you know. This is a very important cause and will help raise a much needed awareness for childhood cancer. 

Here is the link -

Thank you :)

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