Tuesday, May 8, 2012


How am I going to help my wife this mothers day. I feel so helpless.

deep breath


  1. I have been thinking that the last few days. What a doubly awful day, being on the 13th. I have no suggestions, just that you and especially Kezia are in my thoughts for that day.

  2. Your already helping her just by being concerned with how she'll get through it. Hold her hand, tell her you love her, and together you two will find a way.

  3. Hello Mike & Kezia,

    I will be praying for you both. God truly knows your situation. I pray that you will let Him be your hope and strength.

    Shawn Timmons

  4. You will find a way, Mike. Mother's Day is for celebrating mothers and even though you don't have your beautiful daughter with you physically anymore, Kezia is still a mother - a mother worth celebrating. Let her know you know that. Let her know that you know it's difficult. Ask her what she needs that day and do your best to make sure she gets it. Lots of love to you both and lots of love for Saoirse always.

    1. Beautiful and sage advice Courtney. Well said. As always.

  5. the pain that you two share will never go away, it will always hurt. you never get over it, but you will learn to live with it. let her know just how amazing and strong she is, after all it takes a very special woman to b a mother to a child with wings. everyone grieves differently, and their needs during that time are equally different. perhaps you could purchase a small tree/sapling and plant it in your yard in memory of Saoirse. it would b a living memorial. i planted one in my son's honor and its a much more gentle reminder than a stone marker. when the wind rustles through the leaves i like to imagine its my baby snuggling up to me like he used to. also, there are a lot of online support groups for bereaved parents. it make take sometime to find the right for you, but once you do, its a great place to share your story and get insight on coping. hold her, love her, and cry WITH her. she needs to know you hurt too. you dont always have to b strong and stoic. let her know she (and you) is not alone. sadly, there is a large number of parents that have had their rainbows turn into angels.

  6. Yes, I know. I agree that losing a child doesn't mean Kezia is no longer a mother. She is still a mother, no matter what. Yes, it is true that celebrating it without Saoirse is difficult, and you two can try to discuss on how to plan to celebrate it on your own way. Sending thoughts and prayers as well.