Monday, November 14, 2011

An unsure path

I have been bad about updating my blog. Maybe its the feelings that it brings up that I want to avoid. Or maybe it is because it puts the reality that my daughter may die in the front of my mind. No parent wants to thank about that. For me it is important to deal with my feelings and move forward so I can be there for Saoirse and Kezia.
I worry about Kezia a lot. I will never know, or pretend to know what the bond is between mother and child. I just see the pain, fear and worry in Kezia's eyes every day. Kezia is a great mother and all she wants to do is take care of Saoirse the best she can. I really admire her.
Saoirse had a CT scan done the other day after a high dose chemo called ICE and the doctors found new growth lesions in her skull. This means that the cancer is very aggressive and the doctors are now unsure of her next phase. Well, we think. No one has really talked to us since we received the results. We are suppose to leave for NYC tomorrow morning to have an mIBG scan done and another bone marrow biopsy, then start 3F8 antibody therapy and radiation in her abdomen and skull. This will be at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.  However Saoirse cultured positive for a bacterial infection in her blood so we were admitted to Children's Hospital Boston last night for IV antibiotics.
I just want my little girl to feel better and play like she loves doing. I cry a lot the past few days. It has hit my wife and I that Saoirse is very sick and could die. Or maybe we are just now willing to admit that fact. Neuroblastoma Stage 4 high risk is a very nasty and smart cancer. There has to be a way to help stabilize the cancer and we are hoping the doc have some answers for us today.

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