Saturday, November 19, 2011

A better day

This will be a quick update. Saoirse is feeling much better today. Saoirse kept throwing up and was having some tremendous pain so the doctors were concerned about possible swelling in her brain so they ordered  another CT scan. The results were that she did not, which is good. So some medicines were changed and one dropped and low and behold we have a new kid. Saoirse started feeling better, kept her food down this afternoon and evening and even walked on her own. What a relief. I will have a more detailed update tomorrow. Thank you all for reading and following.


  1. So happy with the news. I have her in my prayers and I keep checking your page for status. Sending all my love.

  2. Glad to hear no swelling. Thinking of her all day. Don't know if I'd have the courage. I keep hoping all is well.