Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I woke up this morning to Kezia crying in her sleep. She had a bad dream. I went back to sleep and when I woke up all I heard was Saoirse talking. I heard her telling us about a book (a video we have) and of her singing the cat in the hat song. She started to hum it. These are still bitter sweet moments for me. I want to cry because I miss her, yet memories of her make me smile and laugh. She was so funny. And clever. And strong.

She loved it when I would get down on the floor to play with her. As soon as she saw me she would smile and get excited. I could immediately see her look for the toy she wanted me to play with. She would find it, go get it and bring it to me. She loved playing so much. I loved playing with her. I could watch her learn as she played. I could see the connections happen in her eyes. Her eyes always showed her feelings.

Thats enough for now. I have a business to run.


  1. We often think about you and Kezia. We will continue to pray for you, and hope to see you.

    Shawn & Bonita Timmons

  2. I don't know you and I'm not sure how I happened across your blog. My heart goes out to you and so many parents who lose kids to cancer...I follow another blog -- Rockstar Ronan...and I have to suggest checking it out...mostly cause I think that Dr. Joanne Cacciatore could be such a help to all parents that have lost a child. I don't know how you get past it...I don't. But I think there are people who know more than me...rockstarronan.com.
    Blessings to you and your wife...

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