Monday, January 28, 2013

PICC Line and Central Line care will never be the same

Central Line Wrap

PICC Line Sleeve - Child Size

We started shipping! CareAline Products have started shipping out to nurses and patients. I have been working on tweaking the website and trying to make it as easy to use as possible. Hopefully hospitals will see the benefit to supplying them to their patients. We know how much they helped with Saoirse's lines, and so we can't wait for more people to have access to them for their child's or their own lines. If you haven't seen CareAline Sleeves for PICC lines and CareAline Wraps for Central Lines check our our website!


  1. How inspiring that through your grief you and Kezia have launched a product that will help others in their time of need. I know this product will soon be seen in hospitals all over, especially childrens' hospitals.
    May you have a peaceful day today and take some time to feel proud of yourself for honoring your daughter. Saoirse is proud of her mommy and daddy I am sure.

  2. Thank You. Your comment means a lot.