Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Morning joy

Its been a few days since I posted. We have been focused on getting the business started and starting the fund. Researching and writing is the most time consuming. It will all be ready soon.
I have also had a rough past few days. I really miss Saoirse. I had a dream last night that I woke up to a crying baby. For a split second I thought "she is still alive, it was all a dream". Then the reality set in. This all happens pretty quick. I still have a hard time in the morning. I loved getting up and feeding her in the morning. She was so fun. Eating was the first and foremost thing on her mind in the morning.. thats all she wanted... her milk :) hehe.. I was able to capture one of the first times Saoirse fed herself out of a bottle. :)



  1. That's good that you are working and focusing on other things/plans. Saoirse was adorable in that video:)

  2. oh, how sweet. i'm glad the plans are starting to come together.

  3. Dear Mike, I just read some of your messages and watched the video of your gorgeous daughter. Just wanted to send you a huge hug across the ocean. Almost a year ago my son was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma stage 4, we found out the day before his 14th birthday. It's been a journey, this year, your posting about being in hospital with your child said it all. We were reprieved, with the wonderful news after 6 months of chemo that he is in remission. I only wish that Saoirse had been spared too. My boy went back into school today after a week being off sick. He gets every illness that's going right now, and none of it matters, except that he and I were talking last night about how scared we are that every pain in his chest, every cramp in his gut, is the first sign of something wrong. Maybe it's the anniversary that's making us feel so sad and frightened. I know how lucky we are and you have reminded me of that. In turn I send you as much comfort, sympathy and support as a stranger can send. Liz (England) xxxx

  4. Mike,
    I am currently reading "The Year Of Magical Thinking." In that, the author recounts the year after her husband died and essentially the part I am at right now talks about the same thing you're describing here of waking up thinking your loved one is alive - like it didn't happen. I remember times in my life with morning mental fog - thinking something bad that happened didn't happen when it really did. Anyway, really just saying hi and I'm sorry it's hard and I'm glad you're moving forward with business and fund. And of course lots of love to you and your wonderful wife and for your beautiful daughter.

  5. Such a beautiful child.